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Born in Nagano, Japan in 1992. After entering a college in Japan as Sports Science major, he watched a video of George Winston, playing "Canon by Pachelbel." It moved him, and he determined to begin playing the piano by self-learning at his age of 19.

While learning the piano, he thought he would like to show himself through his music. Then he started composing without any academic knowledge.

In 2014, Katsu moved New York to pursue his music career. He was influenced by classic, jazz, and blues music. Hence, his compositions fuse new age, classic, blues, and more. Now he plays in various venues based in New York City including Steinway Hall. 

In December 2016, he released his first single, "Beloved," online with a music video. Scenes of life’s beauty are captured on video as Katsu composes the composition in an alluring new music video, the music video was shot on location in the lush, manicured gardens of the Queens Botanical Garden in New York City, with the beauty of the garden and the Autumn foliage as the video’s backdrop. Shot in a lush exterior shots and spectacular scenes of contemporary dance withe scenes of love and beauty so passionately displayed in the music video, the feeling that you will get from watching it will be truly that… Beloved.

His original composition "Colour Of Hometown", was featured in an Internet movie in 2017.

In January 2018, he will be releasing his first album "MOON".